High volume CNC machining is known for producing modern engineered components in bulk keeping its highest quality possible. As industries adapt to manufacture parts in bulk to make more profit out of less budget spend.  

Precision CNC machines used these days have replaced the old traditional lathes, routers, mills, and grinders. The future looks even brighter for manufacturing industries with the usage of high volume CNC machining.  

One aspect of manufacturing where CNC’s are thriving is ‘milling’. CNC milling services have occupied the central place in the milling process. Compared to the old and manual milling procedures. Today’s employees are computerizing the process by giving numerical inputs in a machine that controls the multi-point cutting tool to remove the material and produce precision machined products.  

Small to mid-sized CNC machine shops need to leverage high volume CNC machining for their business growth to meet the deadlines of high volume orders with precise machining. Relevant businesses need to adapt such modern-day technologies to sustain.  

If your business isn’t using high-volume CNC machining. Then you might wanna rethink after reading these four advantages of using high volume CNC machining in your machine shops:-  

Qualitative and Quantitative Production

This sounds so good to be true. But with the help of high volume CNC machining,  manufacturers can produce engineering components in bulk by maintaining the quality of the material.  

CNC machinery is accurate and precise with its output. They can hold tolerances of plus or minus 0.001. This is one of the reasons why CNC machine shops can produce better modern components than others.  

The use of CNC machines falls under the ‘precision machining’ category, and according to the industry standards precision machines provide the best outputs.  Because they are reliable, error-free, and cheaper in production.  

CNC’s are programmed to follow repeatable procedures time and time again. Thus it’s easier to handle multi-axis operations throughout the high volume productions without having to give much attention.  

In short, both quality and quantity are being well maintained through high volume  CNC machining.  

Best Option for the Prototype Designs  

Before designing a prototype using CNC machines, several factors need to be considered. Most prototypes are designed by the product specifications considered on the production floor.  

Here volume, material, and geometry are the three factors that are considered important.  

In terms of low and medium production volumes, CNC’s are the right choice. But with the introduction of high volume CNC machining. It makes a better and cheaper option to use rather than 3D printing. 

In terms of material, as the use of modern material production gets increases day by day. The expectation of higher precision levels should be well maintained too. CNC  machines have developed to equip a wide range of materials to create prototypes for modern parts. As of today, there are few popular materials used for CNC machining.  

In terms of geometry, while many complex engineering components are being used, their parts are not easy to design and instead need careful inspection. CNC  machines can make few part designs look very easy.  

As the prototypes are designed from the CNC machines. It makes it a hell lot easier to carry out high-volume CNC machining as we input a set of numerical instructions.  

Fast Production and Less Wastage  

High volume production machining, is responsible for rolling out quick productions of custom-designed engineering components. CNC milling services are said to provide the fastest turnaround time for producing desired components. This is mainly due to the operations being completely automated by inserting a few numerical values in the device.  

High volume CNC’s along with other reliable machinery, can carry out production duties even in non-working hours. The machines are said to work 24hrs a day and since it requires less human attention and monitoring. This eliminates a few steps to the journey of production, which in the end, fasten ups the production pace.  

Along with the faster pace of operations, the internal scrap that leads to unnecessary waste could be reduced. Such scrap on the work floor will result in additional material and labor costs.  

Courtesy of software like CAD and CAM, which provides exact finishing process, tool path, and operations cycle time based upon product specifications. This will help manufacturers to reduce the wastage caused during production.  

Less Labor Needed  

Since the industry is changing from manual handling techniques to automated technology machinery. It leaves less space for human inclusion in the production process.  

Even though there will be a decrease in the workforce on the work floor, CNC machine shops do need skilled employees to be present at the time of production and give the right inputs to the machines.  

This helps a business as there is a decrease in the maintenance of machinery along with a decrease in the number of laborers required to run operations. The overall cost of producing a unit will be lower, and the profit margins will get thicker.  

Increased Profitability and Customer Retention  

The continuous operations performed on a repeating basis is the stand-out feature of CNC machines and carrying out production in bulk is the most effective feature of high volume CNC machining.  

Producing in bulk has its pros and CNC machines being involved in it impacts multiple factors like:-  

  • Reduction in manual labor  
  • Meeting with the right delivery dates  
  • Competitive pricing of the parts  
  • Increased in manufacturing capabilities  

One of the significant advantages of using high volume CNC machining in industries is to leverage profitability due to the above reasons.  

From a business point of view, if the manufactured parts are delivered at the right time. It increases the chances of higher customer retention and could elongate existing contracts for a business. Thus as buyers get increased, the business will be able to see the flip side of making profits.

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