Tungsten Carbide Machining Services

Tungsten Carbide Machining Services 


ER Machining CNC machine shop is located in Houston that provides

Tungsten Carbide machining services for all types of industries.


Tungsten Carbide Machining Services 

ER Machining provides Tungsten Carbide custom machined parts with high tight tolerance. We can be your one stop solution to design, develop, and produce any tungsten carbide part needed for your project. We can provide tungsten carbide machining,  tungsten carbide grinding, EDM-ing, wire cutting, and drilling.  


Tungsten Carbide Machine Shop

ER Machining is your Tungsten Carbide machine shop. An example of our Custom Tungsten Carbide Parts: Tungsten Carbide Rollers and Wheels, Tungsten Carbide Busing, Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, Tungsten Carbide Sleeves, Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring, Valve Seat, Valve core, Tungsten Carbide Balls, Tungsten Carbide Rods, Plates, and Strips… 


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You can rely on ER Machining

ER Machining, provides emergency machining services on any request.

ER Machining, is your local precision cnc machine shop to rely on. We offer reliable cnc machining services, either cnc turning services or cnc milling services to fulfill all your cnc machining needs. We machine your parts as designed, and you will get them when you want them.

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