CNC machining services industry is going to hit a new benchmark at the end of the decade. Experts predict that machining services will surpass $5 billion mark by 2020.

Now that we’re just two months away from a brand new decade, CNC machine shops are getting more and more sophisticated and competitive to gain any market advantage possible. With numerous technologies getting updated every year, 2020 will bring some big game-changers in the manufacturing industry that will become a norm in upcoming years.

From updated technologies to a skilled workforce, every single aspect will be crucial for every manufacturing firm.

With that being said, here are the 5 biggest CNC machining service trends in 2020

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1: Updated Software

Before CNC manufacturing, manufacturing was done exclusively my manual machinery operated and supervised a person at all times. Not only it led to fewer products getting manufactured but it also caused significant errors in final products.

Incorporating computers into manufacturing increased the speed and accuracy of manufacturing equipment by thousandfolds. All you have to do is insert the basic commands into the software and it will process the raw material through the machinery with utmost perfection.   

Today, all custom machining services have CNC as their core element. From milling, lathe, precision cutting, and turning, every manufacturing activity is done through CNC machining to maximize the economy of scale.

In the upcoming years, IoT, cloud computing, and virtual reality will play a significant role in CNC manufacturing. All the topmost CNC machine shops are making the most out of widespread internet to keep the manufacturing process running 24/7. With IoT, CNC machines can be operated remotely without first-hand human interaction, significantly reducing the risk of workplace hazards.

Virtual and augmented reality will make manufacturing even more immersive. Machining services providers can customize the tiniest detail in product design to maximize its usability. 

Other crucial software updates include a touch screen mechanism and virtual simulations under a controlled environment.

2: Skilled Personnel are more important than ever

The advancements in technology have reduced the number of personnel required to do one job. There is a huge panic that technology is taking away our job.

However, it’s quite far from the actual reality. Indeed, machines have significantly reduced employment in the manufacturing itself, there is a significant demand for tech-savvy personnel that can keep up with the latest trends in custom machining and streamlines the manufacturing process.

A skilled and proactive manufacturing expert is the biggest asset to any manufacturing company, and they will become a crucial factor in the company’s growth in 2020. To become a market leader, product companies need to keep themselves updated with the latest manufacturing technology and a person who can use them effectively. 

Another crucial job of a manufacturing expert is to use the given resources and technology to maximize production and reducing waste. The machines used in CNC turning services can process raw material with perfection. However, it is the job of a skilled person to give the right command and monitor the entire process for maximum efficiency.

Unless the time comes when machines can create a final product from scratch by themselves, we will always need a skilled human workforce to bring results. Also, other opportunities in manufacturing include research and development, maintenance, scaling up-down the process, raw materials optimization and a lot more.

3: 6-Axis CNC machining

The biggest technological revolution of 2020 might be the 6-axis CNC machining approach. 

For starters, the multi-axle machining refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move in 4 or more directions to provide an improved finishing to the raw material. Multi-axle manufacturing uses a milling procedure to remove excess raw material and create one final product.

The biggest advantage of multi-axle equipment in a CNC machine shop is that it allows you to create a finalized product with accurate size shape, and dimensions, without the need to process the product through multiple custom machining equipment again and again. 

Currently, the latest CNC machines provide 3 to 5 axis manufacturing support. Which means the machine can process the product in 3 dimensions (x, y, and z). 5 axis machines use a rotating spindle to work with an additional 2 axes.

In 2020, CNC machines are designed to handle up to 6-12 axes at once. Although the technology is still present, each axis is processed using individual levers rested on the cam plates. 

The 6 axis manufacturing equipment is known to reduce production time by 75%. Also, it is ideal for high accuracy production of huge machine parts like aerospace and automobile parts which require high precision. 

4: Smaller the Better

CNC machines are following the trends of every electronic device in the past decade and getting more and more compact every year. The relatively small size of CNC equipment allows CNC machine shops to keep multiple types of equipment that carry out a variety of functions.

For smaller businesses, having an in-house compact CNC machine can be a game-changer. Not only smaller companies can manufacture the product or packaging from their own company but they can also help them in quality-control.

Future CNC machining is said to be even more compact and ideal for smaller machine parts like nuts, bolts, and other fixtures. This custom machining equipment can also make attractive packages, artworks and other articles that can be a great alternative for a side income.

For big industries, smaller CNC machines allow them to experiment with the product design with a variety of CNC equipment to maximize production. They also save the trouble of outsourcing small tools essential for their core products.

5: 3D Printing will be even more prominent

Finally, the biggest trend of CNC machining services is the increased use of 3D printing. 

3D printing has transformed the manufacturing industry forever. It has simplified and accelerated the initial product designing phase by creating multiple scale models.

Putting your initial product idea into a scale modeling allows you to detect the initial design flaws and rectify them as soon as possible. 

It’s a much better alternative than putting your product design into CNC machines with actual raw materials, which may lead to the wastage of precious raw material and huge operational costs.

Nowadays, 3D printers are available in a variety of industrial and domestic applications. Some 3D printers are used by hobbyists to create replicas of artworks, pop culture figurines, or a real building and infrastructures. Designing and selling 3D printed artifacts has become a common phenomenon in product design enthusiasts.

On the other hand, 3D printing is used in industries to create initial prototypes, scale models for presentations, or to create small joints and fixtures for a finalized product.

Also, 3D printing has a huge potential in industries like medical, educations, real-estate and SME’s. Simply put, if you belong to a product manufacturing or machining service industry, 3D printing will be the most crucial factor of your business in 2020.

Final Thoughts

There we have it, 5 CNC machining trends that’ll be a gamechanger in 2020. If you follow these trends, you’re practically streamlining your manufacturing process for the upcoming decade.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a local CNC machining services in Houston, Texas, we’ll be happy to help you.

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