If you want to create a product or are considering wide-based production, you definitely want to build a product of value. You are likely on a quest for a manufacturing partner that will offer quality industrial manufacturing and standard parts, and produce the desired results. 

CNC machining is paramount for great quality prototyping and production. This is where ER Machining comes in. As a CNC Machining service provider in Houston, Texas, ER machining can promise the following concerning your needs:


  •  Reliable Services
  • Experience
  • Emergency services


Reliable services

ER machining has a vast employee base that is highly knowledgeable on CNC machining. With a variety of the market’s best CNC machines, ER machining offers several expert solutions in prototyping and production.

Its CNC turning and milling services are all run by experts with superior knowledge. If you, therefore, intend to produce a specific product, you will have the details of the product worked out. 

With your production team, the product specifications are drawn and sketched out. The ER machining team can also draw and work out all the details and requirements for production. With the availability of the high-class CNC machinery and experts that run it, ER produces your product with all the required specifications.

You can be sure that all the features worked out in the sketch will be brought out during production. ER machining holds the reputation for being the best fabrication shop in Houston Texas. 

This guarantees you that what you want to build will be brought to life with surety. This is without compromising the value, quality and fast timeframe in which you want it delivered. ER Machining’s top-quality machines and great craftsmanship, coupled with its expert craftsmen make the company a top pick for any part of your project. Whatever you require; whether small parts, complex parts or the entire product, ER machining will take it on.



ER machining has been doing precision machining for over 15 years. This is a testament to great skill, as the longer the time spent in practice, the greater the skill attained. When you are looking for a production partner, you want one with experience. 

Experience means that a team knows what they are doing since they have done it before. You do not want an inexperienced partner practicing with your project. The 15-year duration also proves that other people have trust in the products the company produces since this has kept it in business.

ER Machining comes with a large amount of acquired skill from its long years of practice. Creating a partnership with ER machining means that they will apply all these sets of skills to your product.

ER Machining will also bring a series of recommendations and advice to the partnership that will be beneficial to your production. 15 years of machining means that you can trust what we have to offer and that we have evidence to show for it. You can study the work we have done in all that time and therefore get proof of our competence. 

The fact that we have been doing machining for a while means that you can turn to outside sources for reference on executed tasks. When you consult other people that have had partnerships with ER Machining in the past, you will get a clear picture of all the company delivers, once they pledge. That way you will have an idea about the company’s sufficiency and reliability which will put you at ease.


Emergency services

ER Machining offers emergency services in addition to production services. In case you have any sort of breakdown, we are quick to provide a machined part. Since ER Machining produces parts of both a small and large magnitude, this quality is very beneficial. 

Several parts may need replacing during the production process, and our ability to manufacture anything means that we are in a position to offer a replacement. If ER Machining is your manufacturing partner, then you are guaranteed availability for all other forms of emergencies you will face along the way. 

With the timeliness that ER Machining offers, there will be no hitch in production. With all breakdowns having a quick fix coupled with a great skill set, production will be completed in no time.

You will, therefore, have all skilled engineers at your disposal to replace any bad parts and build the new ones. With that, you stand a chance of beating deadlines and completing projects earlier than predicted.



ER Machining has several engineers and skilled workers that will be deployed to your benefit.  This, plus the wide range of the best high-quality machinery on the market, means that your project will undoubtedly be in good hands. 

You can thus trust that the specifications you lay out in your drawing will be met with precision and that all the work will be delivered in a timely fashion. Competence and the ability to execute given tasks to the very minute detail guarantees customer satisfaction.

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