Aerospace Machining unlike typical CNC machining processes are characterized by tighter tolerances and more difficult to machine materials. Along with large five-axis machines, turn-mill machines and precision grinders are among the high-value machine tools routinely used in this sector. Materials typical of aerospace machining include lightweight aluminum for structural members; hard and temperature-resistant metals including titanium and Inconel alloys for engine parts; and carbon-fiber composites that are both hard and lightweight for outer skins. 

Aerospace machining can be very difficult for machinists as the dimensions being machined must be checked frequently and even the difference in temperature between morning and afternoon in the shop can affect some of the materials being machined. One of the machine shops in Houston offering high precision CNC machining services is ER machining which is a CNC machining shop located in Houston, Texas. ER machining offers quick turn around machining for high precision machining services. The CNC machines combined with expert machinists, welders and mechanical engineers provides the capability to perform custom machining services based on the requirement of the client. Along with the ability to develop custom parts, ER machining provides aerospace machining within the time limit provided, thus machining sure the deliverables are met on time. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, ER machining utilizes different types of milling operations such as plane, vertical, and face milling to produce accurate and high tolerance parts for the aerospace manufacturing needs. Tolerance is the acceptable range for a dimension which is determined by the form, fit, and function of the part. The softer the material used, the harder it is to hold a specified tolerance, since the material will flex while it is being cut. One of the important aspects while machining aerospace parts is the tight tolerances present in the design. When preparing a design, it is essential to specify the appropriate tolerances. This way you can be sure that your parts will be created within your specifications. ER Machining makes sure that proper aerospace machining tolerances are being met as per the customer requirement so that there is no vibrations or failures observed in the entire part and equipment. The high precision cnc machining from ER machining makes sure that the deviation from the actual measurements is kept to a minimum for the aerospace parts. 

One of the main strengths of ER machining in aerospace machining is that it is a one stop shop for all the machining service needs. Whether it is a small-scale company, medium scale or a large-scale company, ER machining offers all types of machining under one roof for all the machining services. There are various advantages for companies which use ER machining services. For example, one of the major advantages is the reduced cost and the reduced labor requirement for the same. Since all the processes are entirely carried out under one roof, the precision is very well defined and controlled and there is no requirement for outsourcing any part of the process outside. This further eliminated unnecessary time and cost to the customer. Another advantage is since the entire process is under a single roof, the entire precision cnc machining and other labor requirements are reduced thus making it easier for mass manufacturing of aerospace machining parts. 

Another strength of ER machining in aerospace machining of parts is the consistent quality it offers due to robust in-house equipment and technologies which it offers under a single roof. ER machining makes sure that the parts and components that are developed using precision CNC machining are as per the aerospace machining standards. The aerospace machining services such as CNC machining comprehensive secondary and finishing operations which are used to develop intricate, difficult to manufacture parts with tight tolerances are done such as to support the next-generation needs and demands for future designs in aerospace. Whether it is cargo planes, fighter jets, or passenger airlines, ER machining makes sure that the quality and accuracy are treated as an important component of aircraft construction. These accuracy requirements extend to every part of an aerospace production. It does not leave out anything, be it the innermost layer or the outer shell. For example, an airplane’s engine needs to keep it in the air for as long as it is in flight. As an implication, the engine must adequately process and use fuel. Precision CNC machining helps to make some of the seemingly insignificant parts vital to the engine’s running. 

ER Machining top quality CNC machines operated by our expert machinists gives superior capability to precision machine any part you desire, while meeting all specifications in the drawings. Due to the possibility of custom machining services by ER machining, it is possible specific aerospace components as per the required time limit and rapid delivery. Due to reverse engineering and rapid prototyping services, it is possible to develop high precision custom aerospace parts and test them at ER machining before proceeding ahead for mass production. These parts can further be analyzed using FEA services also to determine the strength and the life of the parts in the aerospace environment. 

Finally, ER machining offers high quality tooling components in their tool rooms to manufacture precision-based aerospace manufacturing. High quality tool rooms along with workflow software’s and state of the art inspection processes makes sure that the aerospace components obtained from ER machining are of the highest quality and standards. This not only plays a vital role in precision cnc machining, but also is a vital part for aerospace R&D. This enables ER machining to rapidly iterate new component designs, test them and if required edit the same. This will help deliver CNC machined prototypes and parts within as little as three days with tolerances down to 0.002 mm.

ER machining ensures high standards of quality, accuracy, delivery and exceeds expectations in aerospace machining. It is paving the way not only for rapid development of components, but also development of new components. It is a trust that is being generated amongst the aerospace market which can deliver as per the requirement of the project.

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