Machines are a replacement of human labor not because it gets the work done faster, but continuously too. A simple breakdown can cause loss of the entire operation and production until the flaw has been repaired. This downtime not only causes loss of working hours but also loss of money.

According to the ARC Advisory group’s research, if a production line faces machine breakdown for 800 hours/year on average that would result in 5% production loss, accounting for $30000-$50000 loss/hour, meaning machine breakdown cost companies $15-$25 million/year. In this article, we have stated some tips to follow during machine breakdown.

Eight quick tips to follow during Machine Breakdown

  • Gathering Data on machine performance

Many people would say maintenance is important, no doubt, but to avoid random breakdown gathering data on machine performance comes first. Data helps to keep you informed about machine’s conditions and the preventing measures you can take. The best way to gather and study data is through digital solutions. Using computers to collect, analyze, and store data can help and improve the efficiency of work. 

  • Training machine operators

Most of the time reason why machine breakdown occurs is due to untrained and inefficient machine servicing. It is important to train machine operators so that they know the machine inside out. So if any breakdown occurs they can instantly minimize the problem and come up with fast solutions. 

  • Manage Maintenance through the digital system

Quick turnaround machines are responsible for various production applications and unsurpassed production performance. They might be your biggest game-changers, but also a hurdle when needs to be repaired. To overcome breakdowns in quick turnaround machining, it is essential to manage its maintenance from start to end via a centralized digital system. Work, production rate, capacity, and performance data can be accounted for and standard adjustments can be made accordingly. 

If any irregularities are observed in any of the machines the digital system will notify the technician before machine breakdown occurs. Work orders for each pre-breakdown can be assigned to engineers and machine operators handling the quick turnaround machine. This would ensure machine repairs are notified, tracked, and fixed properly before production comes to a hold. 

  • Avoid machine overworking

style=”font-weight: 400;”>All machines are manufactured with a recommended duration of working hours. Even if your machine is set for continuous production, it still has a capacity or workload duration. Even if you are tempted to work for longer hours to meet your production deadline make sure you turn it off for some hours for rest. Overworking can cause your machine to heat up faster.

This excess heat production can cause your machines to reach their limit faster. It can also speed up its wear and tear process causing it to age and break down. To prevent overworking your machine to reduce the amount of heat generated from it. Make sure to give your machines ample time for cooling down before you resume their operation again.

  • Fast Machine Services                                               

If you already have a machine set and no digital system set up and you need fast machine servicing, you can call for help. There are licensed professionals who can help you repair your machinery. There is also fast machine service providing companies that have trained professionals working under them. You can reach out to them and hire one of their trained engineers for a fast solution service.  

Use of historical data to locate equipment part that breaks down often You can use historical data to identify mistakes that have led to machine breakdown in the past. Historical data also help to identify common causes of machine failure. The most efficient way would be keeping a logbook of historical data or and find which parts of your equipment if most vulnerable and have stopped working under what added conditions.

Keeping track of all these conditions can help you to maintain and reduce machine breakdowns. You can also plan preventive measures before breakdown occurs too. Make sure to look out for data regarding machine overloads, warnings, and operator errors.

  • Scheduled Checkup

You can also have a scheduled machine checkup every month or twice or thrice a year, depending on your machine’s productivity and operation hours. Just like you have scheduled health checkups, your machine requires checkups too. This will help to maintain work orders and also coordinate effectively with production schedules. You trained operators and maintenance teams can make most of their time to avoid backlogs and prevent unwarned machine breakdowns. This will greatly improve production, help you to stay aware of any faulty equipment, and carry out maximum production for customer satisfaction.

  • 24-hour machine service system

Many companies offer same-day machine services. You can reach out to them any time of the day for service. Mazak machine movies, Rapid 24-hour, etc. are few companies that provide 24-hour machine services. You can also reach out to them for technician support who will be on standby dedicated to your needs whenever you face unpredicted breakdowns.   

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, did you find these quick tips to follow during machine breakdown helpful? It is advised to stay prepared and carry out scheduled machine checkups to prevent any unwanted problems. All the best!

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